By QuyenKori
Posted October 14 2013

Thank you for visiting our WEBMASTERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER Website, the best place for related Webmasters, located at the URL http://article-writer.net/webmasters/, which brings you all latest information about your favorite Content Writer Webmasters on the Internet.

The WEBMASTERS details will give you an idea of what we are intend to realize with this website…, and you can learn more by reading further… If you have any further question or suggestion about that topic, please let us know via mail… info@article-writer.net

As you know, we have just started with our Website http://article-writer.net, and we must ask our visitors and our future members, sponsors and affiliates to have some comprehension about the start-up content and then more specific recognition about WEBMASTERS content of our ARTICLE-WRITER Website.

We are seeking Webmasters for our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website in all Countries! The main task from our

Our Redactional Offices in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (1/6)
For more Pictures please go and explore here…!

Preferred Webmasters will be to localize our sites and to translate* and manage our site further out of your country!

We don’t ask money from you to start up the business there. You must translate the contents of the sites that we will localize in your country, and this performance we see as the bring-in of your site in this new venture, for all of the other future performances you will be paid (see after)…!

To be accepted as Preferred Webmaster, you must prove some basic experience as Webmaster in your country; furthermore, we like to have honest dynamic persons who will help us to build up our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website Business…!

We will finance everything, and on all of the sales that we realize monthly in your country we will share the profit with you on the following principles:

  • Brut Income/month – Cost/month = Net income/month
  • Net income/month we will split into two parts YOURS and OURS
  • Depend on the nature of the activities the income split can be different!

The most activities will generate:

  • The maximum 70% “YOURS” and 30% “OURS”…!
  • The minimum 50% “YOURS” and 50% “OURS”…!

We will discuss more details later after we receive your written demand with your resume and your written business plan for this new venture in your country.

We suggest that you first become member, and after when you have interests to represent our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website in your country, send us email with your resume and a kind of a business plan for this new venture here… info@article-writer.net

After receiving the information, we will come back to you within 24 hours; after this first contact, we will step by step discuss the whole cooperation in detail.

Preferred Affiliated Agreement will be signed first, depending on your requirements, which will be decisive to finalize this agreement, directly after we start our cooperation as described in this agreement…!

If you have any question regarding this WEBMASTERS polity content that you can find in our WEBMASTERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER Website, please contact us or via email at: info@article-writer.net

WEBMASTERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER Website: http://article-writer.net/webmasters/

This WEBMASTERS statement on ARTICLE-WRITER Website has been done on date: Oct 17, 2013.


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