Cupcakes For Valentines’ Day

Look back the Valentine’s Day origin – a day of romance St. Valentine celebrated secret weddings for couples Valentine was one of the Catholic priests under Claudius II Roman Emperor. At that time, the Roman Empire had to join in many battles, but it was not received any support from the people. That’s why the … [Read More…]

How To Make Rye Bread Pie Crust With Grapefruit Cheese Pie

Recipe For Preparing Grapefruit Cheese Pie With Rye Bread Pie Crust Rye bread pie is a starter dish that suits almost all main course meals. Since it’s easy to prepare pie, you can even use this item as a starter in an instantly arranged kitty party or a family gathering. Here is a recipe to … [Read More…]

How To Make Polish Buttermilk Rye Bread

Rye bread is a kind of bread which is made of flour and rye grains. Depend on the amount of flour and coloring agents, the rye bread will be dark or light in color. The rye bread is basically thicker than the wheat bread. According to health experts, the rye bread is pretty good for … [Read More…]

What our readers can expect on our sub-part RECIPE

What about Recipe To perfect a dish, apart from cooking well, you need to know about a main recipe of the dish. The recipe is a group of instructions that describes how to prepare or cook a culinary dish. The earliest recipe came from an Akkadian tablet from southern Babylonia about 1600 BC. It means … [Read More…]