What you can expect on my Sub Part US POLITICS

What about US POLITICS US POLITICS is the final sub part of my category “GOVERNMENT & POLITICS” and for my valuable readers I want to explain in short what the word US POLITICS means and what we now and in the future will explore under this sub part US POLITICS of “GOVERNMENT & POLITICS” Category. … [Read More…]

Economy of Los Angeles

Economy of Los Angeles Los Angeles is the most famous city in California having a population of about 3.8 million. This number can give a view about its economy. Everything that is required for an economy to flourish is gifted to the country. A better climate, infrastructure, people, institutions and knowledge are all that Los … [Read More…]

Money Luck in a Tough Economy

Money Luck in a Tough Economy Here are never revealed secrets for success. Many people think all they need to make money is to be smart, wrong. While the majority of wealthy people are smart, a combination of other factors comes into play. If you take several thousand money-oriented men, one unswervingly pursues wealth! Out … [Read More…]

Marketing in a Down Economy

Marketing in a Down Economy The economy is tougher than before. Sales are down and a lot of companies are closing down. That’s the harsh reality but there are still things you can do that will help you sustain your business in this tough time. Even if a lot of people are cutting back on … [Read More…]

Real World Economy Versus Warcraft Economy:

Real World Economy Versus Warcraft Economy: World of warcraft is an online role playing game which is being played all across the world and its economy revolves around the WOW Gold. As in real world our economy revolves around the money, similarly gold is the currency of warcraft and the more gold you have, more … [Read More…]

Telemarketing And Economy

Telemarketing And Economy The economy of several third world countries depends on the telemarketing sector. These countries have currencies that are placed lower than the most powerful of them all: the American dollar. The call center industry provides them with this foreign currency and keeps their economy from collapsing into troughs. The BPO sector has … [Read More…]

Greening the Economy

Greening the Economy As the nation faces the daunting challenge of economic recession, the development of a Green Economy is widely promoted as the answer to turning our fortunes around while simultaneously addressing the urgent issue of global climate change. The major hallmarks of a Green Economy are energy and resource efficiency, which to a … [Read More…]

Travel and the Economy

Travel and the Economy In spite of the global melt down and the economic crisis facing many an industry, there is one industry that is still thriving. The travel industry. Recession or no recession, people have to travel and they do. Not only domestically but also internationally. Not only for personal purposes but also for … [Read More…]

The Economy Of Mauritian

The Economy Of Mauritian If asked, the majority of people would probably say that sugar-cane was the largest economic sector in Mauritius. While nearly 90% of all cultivated land is devoted to the sugar cane crop, it accounts for only a quarter of all export earnings. In the 17th century the economy was entirely dependent … [Read More…]

WTO and Indian Economy

WTO and Indian Economy Indian Industrialization has given an opportunity to many small, medium, and large sized industries to become a part of the International market. For many poor and developing countries, WTO has become one of the important mediums to enter the International markets. The main motto of WTO is to help the poor … [Read More…]