Something You Should Know About Divorce

Divorce – Good or Bad Apr 30, 2008 0 5,076 It is a matter of great discussion that whether divorce is good or bad. There are groups of people who criticize the concept of divorce and another group is with the concept of divorce. Well, its a matter of debate, but there are few things … [Read More…]

Top Reasons Behind Divorce

It is believed that society has different views on divorce. It exits in varied parts of this world, and is influenced by the culture and others factors. Generally, it has been estimated that the divorce rates in some certain places such as America and Europe –where the personal freedom is given – are higher than … [Read More…]

What our readers can expect on our sub-part Divorce

What about Divorce Divorce will be the last sub-part of my Category “SOCIETY”. To my valuable readers, I would like to give you a brief overview of Divorce, and what I will explore further at present and in the future under the sub-part Divorce of “SOCIETY” Category. Definition of Divorce Divorce can be defined as … [Read More…]

Summary Divorce

Summary Divorce For some couples, summary divorce may be a viable option. There are many limitations excluding couples from using this streamlined divorce process, and not all jurisdictions offer summary divorce; yet where it is offered, it can provide couples with a fast, easy exit from their marital troubles. Young couples may be the primary … [Read More…]

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer The rate of divorces has increased drastically in recent years, not just in Australia but in many parts of the world. This is due to many reasons but most will agree that the change to no-fault divorces has increased the rate of divorce. Whereas years ago, couples had to prove the their spouse … [Read More…]

Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce Marriage and divorce both are life changing experience. Marriage is an occasion full of enjoyment and fun where as divorce is a process full of sorrow and pain. If the reasons of divorce are infidelity or lack of commitment in marriage then even divorce gets very tough to go through. Starting life … [Read More…]

Children after divorce

Children after divorce According to a recent survey, more and more people are becoming workaholic and this is not because that they are interested to work but because they want to earn more. When the time we spend with our family is less, the relations too will get weak. This is regarded as one of … [Read More…]

Abandonment Divorce

Abandonment Divorce When applying for a divorce there has to be a valid reason for the parties to formally request dissolution of their marriage. Therefore, if you just wake up one day and decide you can’t be with your partner may not be a valid logic. The grounds for divorce can be dichotomized in to … [Read More…]

Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Atlanta Divorce Attorney If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and have found yourself in a situation that requires the retention of an Atlanta divorce attorney, consider a law firm for your legal necessities. With commitments to helping those in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming and other neighboring communities within Fulton County, family law firms are … [Read More…]

Divorce Solicitors

Divorce Solicitors Divorce solicitors have to provide the most practical and competent services which are readily available on the market if they want to be considered leading competitors in a hard fought industry. It is often the case, disappointingly, that divorce solicitors offer a limited range of options and they fall short of customer expectations. … [Read More…]