Some Advice On Selling Laptop Online

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How to Sell Laptop Online At the Best Value

By Alex Falcone
Oct 15, 2013

Selling your used or old laptop is a surefire way to get some extra cash for yourself. Conventionally, you can sell laptop online for at least fifty percent of its original value, depending on its current conditions and a number of other determining valuables.

Luckily, selling your laptop on the World Wide Web requires few legal formalities and you will be able to convert it into some liquid cash in short time.

Gather the accessories- Conventional laptops come with a number of accessories, from an adapter to the AC cord, warranty information and documentation. Be sure to get its original box if you still have it. Also, ensure to gather additional accessories that you might have bought since these will make the difference between a prospected customer buying from you or from someone else.

Take shots of the device and its accessories- To improve chances to sell laptop, be sure to take a photo of the entire device and accessories to sell. For instance, if you want to sell the computer itself, the warranty, an extra battery, the AC adapter and its documentation, take one photo of all. Then be sure to take a photo of each of these items. Be sure to take photos of your laptop from many different angles as possible.

Compile a comprehensive description- A detailed description will help you sell laptop more easily. In the description, be sure to state to mention the actual date of purchase, the extensive period of its use, the included accessories and much more. Be sure to include the model number, its specs and most importantly, the manufacturer.

Work out your selling price- This is an important point and you will want to determine the best price to sell laptop. If the device is still in perfect working condition with no or several scratches, then you can set its selling price at up to 70 percent of the original price that you paid for it. Remember that the age of the laptop will also factor in here. Just be sure to set the price of your machine at a reasonable price and note it somewhere.

Sell the device- In this case, there are numerous options that you can opt for. Firstly, you can opt for online auction sites such as eBay. This is a credible option since you will be placing your device in front of thousands of prospective buyers. With these sites, you can specify either your price for an auction-style listing or a Buy It Now price. With the latter, you will get the actual price you are asking for when you sell laptop. The former will assure you of selling your device at a higher price if it gets good bids. The trick in auction-style listings is to have a reserve price.

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