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Posted October 14 2013

Thank you for visiting our MEMBERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website, the best place for Website Content Writers information, located at the URL http://article-writer.net/members/, which brings you all latest information about your favorite Website Content Writers on the Internet.

This MEMBERS part will give you an idea of what we are intent upon doing with this website, and you can learn more by reading further…!

Our Redactional Offices in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (8/1)
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As you know, we have just started our Website http://article-writer.net. Therefore, we must ask our visitors, members and future members to have some comprehension about the start-up content and more specific information about MEMBERS Content of our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website.

Our Membership will be FREE on this site in the future. It will take a few seconds to register, and you will be able to do that on the header of all pages…!

Once having registered as our member, you firstly get the opportunity to WIN one of the beautiful prices that out of our Introduction action, which will be running for 6 months from the start-up month, and for all further evolution about the planned start-up action you will be informed once you are registered for free.

Once you are registered, we will send you first coming edition of ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website Newsletter, full of the latest news on the Internet or activities as ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website …!

That means you will get informed of the best deals on that moment from all of the products you normally are interested in, and most are offered with a big discount…!

All of these opportunities, which you get for FREE, are regularly served on your main screen, and it is up to you if you join these opportunities or not…there is no obligation…!

What we ask is that you become part of our community; therefore, you must sign up as Member for FREE…and that you propagate our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website Content to your friends and you can do that here…!

If you have any question regarding this MEMBERS policy content in our MEMBERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website, please contact us via email at: info@article-writer.net

The URL MEMBERS area on ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website: http://article-writer.net/members.

This MEMBERS statement on ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website has been done on date: October 17, 2013.


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