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By QuyenKori
Posted October 14 2013

Thank you for visiting our LINKS area on ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website, the best place for Website Content information, located at the URL http://article-writer.net, which brings you all latest information about your favorite Links on the Internet.

The LINKS details will give you an idea of what we are intend to realize with this website…, and you can learn more by reading further…

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If you are a Website owner and need on regular time some Unique Website Content related to subjects of your website(s) where you are intent upon marketing your Products or Services, you are lucky because you can test the ability of our Content Writers for FREE.

Today, “LINKS” are very important for the ranking of your website; therefore, with ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website we will do our best to diversify our links to other sites, and we are thinking of different kinds of links:

  • Inner Links
  • Direct Links
  • Back Links

Further, you have possibly heard of the following linking methods:

  • Deep Linking: Directly link to a Page of another Website
  • Inline Linking: Directly link to content of another Website
  • Link Doping: The effect of embedding many hyperlinks on a Website in exchange for return links

As you know, we have just started with our Website http://article-writer.net, and we must ask our visitors and our future Sponsors and Affiliates to have some comprehension about the start-up content and then more specific recognition about LINK Content of our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website.

We are busy developing standardized text and designing banners for our Affiliated and our LINK Exchange program that we will start up later on. All standard sizes will be available; see here after:

Banners type A Banners type B Banners type C
125 x 60 120 x 300 125 x125
234 x 60 160 x 300 250 x 250
468 x 60 120 x 600 300 x 250
728 x 90 160 x 600 600 x 25

You must further know that we will appreciate if you help us to promote our ARTICLE-WRITER.net Website, and there are many ways to do that:

  • Tell a Friend – Mouth to Mouth advert…!
  • Tell a Friend – Per email…!
  • Bookmark our site on your Computer…!
  • Put text Links on your Website or Blog…!
  • Put Banner Links on your Website or Blog…!

If you do not have an active Website or Blog, we can give you one for FREE. What you must do is to send email to our support team and describe what your want to do with your own Website or Blog..!

You can send your email here…info@article-writer.net

Link Exchange is a group of websites operating like a Web ring. Some Webmasters register their website(s) with an organization which runs the Exchange system, and in return they receive the Exchange HTML code to insert in their Web Pages.

The only difference here is that we give simple code for circular ring navigation hyperlink with Web ring, and with Exchange Links we must display Banner Advert for the member’s website(s).

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One of the pioneers of Exchange Links was Link Exchange, a successful company that is now owned by Microsoft.

Link Exchange has positive and negative points:

  • You connect with similar websites bringing you a highly targeted readership, which increases your link popularity by the search engines and gives stable hyperlinks.
  • The disadvantage is, on the other hand, that exchange links distract visitors from your site before they have totally explored your site from the initial link.

As an example if we link Website (1) with Website (2) and Website (2) with Website (1), these two Websites are reciprocally linked.

Some years ago, many Website owners submitted their websites to Reciprocal Links Exchange directory in order to increase their ranking on search Engines.

Today, Google and his counterparts do not give so much credit anymore to reciprocal linking because they doubt genuine link popularity…!

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Besides, Reciprocal Links will have many other kinds of links such as:

Recourse Links:

Resource links can be one-way or two-way, usually named as “Resources” or “Information” in navigation bars. This kind of links is used in the earlier time of the Internet, and they call them LINKS.

Basically, they are hyperlinks to a website or a specific Webpage containing content beneficial and relevant to visitors of the website who realize the link.

Forum Signature Links:

For fast building backlinks to your website, you can use Forum signature links if the forum community allows outbound hyperlinks in a member signature.

Blog Comments:

If you leave a comment on a blog, you can get a do-follow link to an individual website. Most of the time you will get a No-follow link which is almost not useful for search engines Google and Yahoo.

Directory Link Building:

This is a List of links to Websites, sorted into Categories. Website owners submit their site(s) to many of these Directories to gain web popularity. Some are paid submissions, but others are Free Submissions.

Social Bookmarking:

It is a way to save and categorize web pages in a public location.

If you have any question regarding this LINKS polity, please contact us or via email at: info@article-writer.net

LINKS on ARTICLE-WRITER Website: http://article-writer.net/exchange-links

LINKS statement on ARTICLE-WRITER Website has been done on date Oct 17, 2013.


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