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By QuyenKori
Posted October 14 2013

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What about HISTORY

To my dear readers, I would like to explain concisely what the word HISTORY means and what I will explore further at present and in the future under this “HISTORY” Category.

Definition of HISTORY

History is rooted in Greek word “historia” meaning “knowledge obtained by investigation”. It is commonly used to refer to the past events, and is an essential subject

The History knowledge helps people to go back in time smoothly
By Ned_Riley

studied in almost all schools, colleges, and universities. Convincingly, a person having a good head for History is the one who has a good memory and classical sense.

The term History also alludes to the chronologic records of the past events and phenomena associated with their interpretations and comments. Besides, something happened before the existence of written works is regarded as Prehistory events.

It is worth bearing in mind that History is an umbrella term including Human History, World History, Environmental History, Cultural History, etc. They are results of discovery, research, collection, and investigation.

A person specializing in the study of History and writing History books or articles is called Historian.

If you want to get more information around History Definition, Description, Areas, Judgment, etc. please read further on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: HISTORY.

What my readers can expect on my part HISTORY

HISTORY is always a vital part of humans’ life. Thankfully, we can learn a lot of valuable lessons from the wisdom of antiquity. In this Category, you will find a number of prominent articles on historical events, people, wars, etc.

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