Comparison Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

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A short introduction of Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 has brought into the world in 1999

Before the birth of Web 2.0, the information on the Internet was contained in the large number of HTML pages. It was understood that there was a large library with a huge number of books that the users can find the necessary information. However, the users can not share or contribute any information if there is something wrong. They just do it when they have an own website. Therefore, it’s certain that there are no forums, blog pages, and even no

The Web 2.0 has brought into the world in 1999

social networks.

That’s the reason why the Web 2.0 has brought into the world in 1999 by Darcy DiNucci and then popularized by Tim O’Reilly in the late 2004. In the web 2.0, the information will be contributed and updated by lots of users. One of the pioneering Web 2.0 is Wiki and some blog pages. These websites are ideal places where the users can find their necessary information for their particular purpose. Besides, the social networks are also considered as one of the most crucial ones.

In case, the users want to find a solution for their trouble. Everything that they need to do is to type it on the Internet Search Engine. Then they will be directly brought to the right pages on the Internet. However, if there is no site providing the best answers, the users can be supplied with other forums which could be suitable for their concerns.

The face of the Internet has been changed thanks to the birth of web 2.0. Especially, not only HTLM code is used in this case, but also other advanced languages such as Javascript, Ajax, PHP and so forth.

Web 3.0 – a new progress

The Web 3.0 – a new progress

Surely, when mentioning to the term “Web 3.0”, it’s definite that Web 3.0 will be better than Web 2.0 because Web 3.0 does not only consist of all current features of Web 2.0 but also update new concepts, methodologies and importantly, new applications.

In the Web 3.0, the Internet Search Engine will become more and more specific. For instance, when searching a keyword on the Internet, the information will be presented which will be suitable for the users’

The Web 3.0 – a new progress


Wonderfully, the Search Engine in the Web 3.0 will give the users more particular results than the Web 2.0. It will collect lots of information from various websites and bring the exact results to them in some seconds. Hence, the websites will become more and more communicative than before.

Normally, if the users click on any URL of any site, they will be come to a new website. However, in the Web 3.0, all information is shared with each other in order to produce these accurate results. In spite of being considered as the next level in evolution of the World Wide Web, it’s not simple to calculate exactly what the Web 3.0 does.

Many experts predict that the Web 3.0 will bring for us a big surprise because of the advent of the Internet technology. Therefore, all we can do is simply to imagine what will happen in the future.

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  1. avatarNhung Pham says

    i love web 3.0 more because its speed is better than web 2.0’s.

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