Books On Art – Art That Changed the World

Books On Art - Art That Changed the World

If you are looking for a combination of Art and book, you should not miss Art That Changed the World – a new product from DK Publishing. The book tells the story of each chief art style as well as its own movement. It also gives art fanciers a visual timeline reflecting main paintings that … [Read More…]

Fully Learn Art And Craft

Fully Learn Art And Craft

Art and craft has been immeasurably grown to be the great hobby for us to value our time. Instead of just lying and doing nothing useful, we’re encouraged to practice art and craft whenever we’re free. You may hear this advice many times in life, but what is art and craft exactly? If you are … [Read More…]

Add The Art Spirit To Your Art World

Add The Art Spirit To Your Art World

Life will become tough and unbearable without art. Humans of all decades are fond of studying and applying art to their life. And if your today concerns are around The Art Spirit, the following bits are just rightly written for you. Get To Know The Art Spirit Of Robert Henri Robert Henri (1865 – 1929) … [Read More…]

Fundamentals of Literary Criticism

To almost all literary hobbyists, the keys “Literary Criticism” has played the irreplaceable role in making up the complete interpretation of literature. So, what is literary criticism? Before you study, evaluate, or interpret any piece of literature of your favorite, do remember to spend time getting the fundamentals of literary criticism first. Its basics are … [Read More…]

Improve Your Artistic Taste With Bible Art

Due to the bustle and hustle of life, people today are yearning for the ways that can keep their mind balanced and healthy. Art is one of the most effective methods for such the dramatic effects. So, if you’re craving for both artistic taste and spirituality, why not begin with Bible Art? Does it sound … [Read More…]

Free Literature – Free Verse Poems

Free Literature - Free Verse Poems

Free verse poem is one of the examples of Free Literature. Such poems are free from limitations of the regular meter (the rhythm of the word) or any special structure. Although such poems do not follow any regular rhyme scheme rule, they still reflect artistic expression. By this way, a poet can personalize his masterpieces … [Read More…]