Going Back In Time With The Knowledge Of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations Dec 28, 2011 Inca Civilization Capital of the Pre-Inca Civilization was Tiahuanaco. Inca Civilization was an aboriginal American Indian culture. There is a pre-Incan legend that speaks of Viracocha – good god and the warrior. We see him as god in the white robes who brings knowledge and the warrior god with staves … [Read More…]

What my readers can expect on my Sub-part ANCIENT HISTORY

What about ANCIENT HISTORY Ancient History is the first sub-part of my Category “HISTORY”. To my dear readers, I would like to explain briefly what the words Ancient History mean and what I now and in the future will explore under this sub-part Ancient History of “HISTORY” Category. Definition of Tips & Advice The Historians … [Read More…]