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By QuyenKori
Posted October 14 2013

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Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my Bog, the place where I am given myself the gifts of self-expression, and self-recognition. My writer name is QuyenKori. Born and grew up in Vietnam, a country with the typically diversified Eastern culture, I understand of the significance of culture and language diversity as well as the career prospect of a bilingual individual.

Therefore, I decided to enroll in University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since my major was English Linguistics and Literature, I was trained with some necessary skills and knowledge related to using and understanding English. Honestly, all of my teachers are professional and thoughtful enough to guide me to the right path of learning and developing as a potential writer.

Hence, I began writing at a young age, and worked as a freelance at school. While trying my hand in a variety of topics and editing many written works, I consciously absorbed plenty of valuable writing tips and experience. Naturally, I love writing, and want to live as a writer during my entire life.

From birth, I usually concern myself with the growing interests from artistic wisdom, written creation, academic issues, and historical researches to numerous trips and tourist attractions. Hence, some niches like Art, Literature, Education, School, History, Travel, and Tourism can make my eyes open and my head clear.

As expected, I was hired as a freelance writing several often-heard topics like Education, History, Spiritual, etc. two years ago. Thanks to my positive competence, I’m granted a chance to become the CRO of website article-writer.net where I’m free to write about all of my major interests with numerous up-to-date, unique, and informative articles.

I believe that Blog is an ideal zone for me to express my ideas, and find some folks who share the same interests from all walks of life. No matter where and who you are, I am thirsty for being in contact with you, the book lovers, professional writers, and anyone else online.

Be fond of the remarkable works of Art and Literature? Be interested in the excitingly academic issues of Education and School? Want to go back in time smoothly with the authentic sense of History? Be keen on finding much exciting Travel spots and Tourist services?

My Blog is where you are welcome to join in! Let it shower you with lots of helpful and unique information regarding the above concerns!

The navigation on my BLOG is as follows:

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Please spend your precious time taking a glance at my site http://article-writer.net, and do feel free to leave your comments that will be addressed at once in my Blog! At least, don’t be a stranger, my guests!

In advance, thank for spending your precious time joining in my site, reading my Blog, and being my potential folks as well as customers!

Let’s Email me at ntnquyen@article-writer.net

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