Resume of NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Quyen, alias QuyenKori

By QuyenKori Posted October 14 2013

Our Redactional Offices in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (2/1)
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My name is Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quyen. I am Chief Redactional Officer (CRO) of this website hosted under URL:, where I’m responsible for and who is owned by Sourcing4-you – a Multi Media Company who has operated in various niches IT Online Activities that for the past 15 years.
Take part in my website, you can know more about me in my Bio Page CRO.

In 2011, I myself started to work for

subsidiary of Sourcing4-you company as a Content Writer, who has his operation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for more than 10 years.

At present, thanks to my positive fruits in two year experience as a Content Writer, I has been offered opportunity to become CRO of the website and in my authority as CRO, I’d like to show you the purpose of my website.

My Co-Writers and I are looking for the serious Website owners of small and middle range businesses online who need to outsource the SEO Cheap Article Writing (Content Writer) activity on some specialized companies like we are.

Do like that they can focus on the mean core of there activity including brand name, promotion of their Products and Services. Besides, we can take care of all the related SEO Cheap Artilce writing’s works (Content Writer), which are full in trust as mentioned and discussed before.

Cooperating with the trustworthy and reliable SEO Cheap Article Writing (Content Writer), your Website can achieve much higher quality contents, what will automatically be translated into more “Organic Traffic” to gain higher income for any Online Business!

Informatively, we will concern ourselves with the 4 different niches including the following Sub-categories to start:

Art & Literature Education & School History Travel & Tourism
    Colleges & University
    Ancient History
    Tips and Advice
    Paper Art
    Foreign Language
    American History
    Street Art
    Law & Legal Issues
    European History
    Travel Guide & Books
    Humor Writing
    Classroom Etiquette
    Famous People
    Family Vacation
    Famous Poetries
    Lesson Plan
    Famous Wars
    Tourist Attraction
    Famous Stories
    World History
    Vacation Ideas

In addition to providing you necessary collected information about the 4 categories, I also give myself the gift of self-expression through my BLOG where you are welcomed to find the satisfied answers as well as ask any queries to your most concerning issues on a regular basis.

I will publish at least six new Articles per week. Just take few minutes to register! Thus, please take at ease to take part in my BLOG and don’t forget to send your questions or your comments in the box inquiry online!

The navigation on my BLOG is as follows:

Tiếng Việt


After all, please spend your precious time taking a glance at my site, which covers every exciting and up-to-date aspect of my major interests!

You will definitely find much useful, supportive, and unique information regarding the remarkable works of Art and Literature, Education and School‘s breathing issues, History‘s impressive discovery as well as a fresh outlook on Travel and Tourism.

In advance, thank for spending your precious time joining in my site and being my potential customers. Doing a solitary business like writing, I am thirsty for being in contact with the book lovers and anyone else online. Please help me to beautify and color the new pages of my life!

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