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By QuyenKori
Posted October 14 2013

Generalities of ARTICLE-WRITER.net website

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All Website Owners who want to do some business online must know the true value of an Article-Writer!
An Article-Writer, also named Website Content Writer, is specialized in providing relevant content for websites.
No website is the same; as a result, each of them targets certain audiences and requires a different level and specific type of content. The content of an Article-Writer must contain some relevant words named

“Keywords” in order to attract users to your website. This kind of traffic that we get from Google or his counterparts is known as “Organic” traffic!

In addition, the various search engines compensate or reward all publishers who have “QUALITY” content with giving them daily Free Organic Traffic. With special metrics they take to measure all websites, it is clear that the better the test results are, the more traffic you will receive daily.

Google, for instance, does not own any websites; all websites on the Internet are owned by various owners who can be individuals or companies. If they have an acceptable website with a good relevant content to some keywords following the rules of Google Webmasters and opt to work with Google as publisher, they will get rewards.

The main purposes of Article-Writer content are:

  • Inform the visitors.
  • Promote products or services.
  • Encourage visitors to buy.

When writing content for a specific Website, an Article-Writer concentrates on particular topics. The article has to be easy to read and understand by making use of text blocks with bullets and so on as eye-catchers!

There are two main kinds of articles:

  • A Content Writer makes articles to do marketing of the products or services of the involved website.
  • In other circumstances, the Content Writer writes informative articles about particular businesses to educate the readers by providing them some with complex information in an easy and simple way to get and remember.
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On the Internet, skilled and experienced Article-Writer is strongly growing in demand, and the easy-to-understand reason is the high-quality online contents themselves what in most of the cases translate himself into a higher income for whatever online business.

All website owners, if they respect themselves as well as want to be high-ranked by Google and achieve more income must depend much on Article-Writer to perform the


  • First, an Article-Writer must analyze his tasks for a specific URL (Uniform Resource Locator)!
  • Second, an Article-Writer has to check for the Keywords, and tries to know the limitation of these Keywords in function of his involved website URL. After that, he will decide which of the suitable range of Keywords he should use in the content.
  • Third, when the article is done, the Article-Writer has to publish his new article to inform as well as to promote the company products or services described in the above mentioned website URL.
  • Fourth, an Article-Writer must produce the unique contents which entice and engage the visitors to your website. The much longer the visitors stay on your website, the more opportunities they will become customers!
  • Fifth, the Content Writer must create the Smart content by using keywords focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It means the contents must contain relevant phrases and keywords most entered by users of Google and his counterparts like Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft as well as many other Search Engines.
  • Finally, the Content Writer must create content that allows the website visitors get quickly and effectively what they want. In fact, the focused and efficient web content gives the visitors access to the information that they are looking for in a user-friendly way.


An Article-Writer aims to write website content with relevance and search-ability.

  • Relevance means that your website must be useful and beneficial to the readers.
  • Search-ability means usage of keywords to help the search engines to direct users to your website if you meet their search expectations.

Search engines as Google and his counterparts measure the relevance and search-ability of your website, and all publishers will get compensated with Free Targeted Traffic for the relevant Keywords in their contents.

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We would like to inform you all that composing and constructing an article by online Article-Writer is totally different than offline Print-Writer!
The habit of web users is to scan text instead of reading it in detail; they will skip and reject what they perceive to be unnecessary, and then hunt further for what they see as relevance.
It is estimated that 20% of the Internet users read the content while

up to 80% of the rest will scan the text! It is also further interesting to know the average number of the Internet users consume more 25%of time to scan Online Content compared to Printed Content!

Online Article-Writer has the skills to insert paragraphs and headlines which contain the selected Keywords for search engine optimization as well as to make sure that their composition is clear so that they can reach their target market.

Besides, a skilled Online Article-Writer can easily become a Blog Writer, another form of online writing which is different from traditional Print Articles.

A Blog can be changed in its style and topic and is usually written informally to educate and inspire readers. While many businesses use Blogs to promote and their products or services, individuals use Blogs to create important topics for them personally or politically.

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Website content is frequently outsourced to external providers, such as individual Article-Writers like we are, or for larger or more complex projects you have specialized Article-Writer Agency.

Article-Writer Agency combines copywriting services with a range of editorial and associated services such as brand-name positioning, social media, message consulting, SEO Consulting, further copy editing,

proofreading and fact checking, and without forgetting about the advice on layout and design.

Outsourcing all of these services allows your business to focus on your core competencies, and at the same time you can benefit from the specialized knowledge of Professional Article-Writers and Expert Editors.

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