Halloween History

Halloween History

Halloween is a traditional holiday that is celebrated yearly on the night of October 31. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening, also known as All Hallows’ Eve or Hallowe’en. Traditional activities involve bonfires, costume parties, trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, and visiting “haunted houses”. Irish and Scottish immigrants brought versions of Halloween to … [Read More…]

Fundamentals of Literary Criticism

To almost all literary hobbyists, the keys “Literary Criticism” has played the irreplaceable role in making up the complete interpretation of literature. So, what is literary criticism? Before you study, evaluate, or interpret any piece of literature of your favorite, do remember to spend time getting the fundamentals of literary criticism first. Its basics are … [Read More…]

How To Create A Superb Wedding Poem

Wedding poems add color and meanings to wedding ceremony

To enhance the level of happiness in the big wedding ceremony, the vast majority of blissful couples are fond of reciting sweet poems. There seems no better time to write or create a poem than for a favorable wedding. For those who are about to welcome the wedded horizon, superb wedding poems can heighten their … [Read More…]

Select The Right Brushes For Your Paintings

A brush is an object consisting of numerous bristles or hairs fixed to it. In painting, brushes have a huge contribution to the beauty and style of any artwork. Generally speaking, a vast majority of artists are likely to spend much money buying the high-quality paint rather than brushes. Has anyone ever heard the saying … [Read More…]

Online High School Classes – Ultimate Educational Growth

The advent of the Internet makes many of human’s wishes possible and true. Ever wished to attend a class without moving out of home? Ever desired to interact with the teacher from a far distance? If yes, we’re happy to state that your wishes are done by the practice of online high school classes. To … [Read More…]

Purgatory – Before Entering The Joy Of Heaven

Spiritually, Roman Catholics take for granted that spirits of the dead will be sent to a place where they have to suffer for their sins before going to heaven. This transitional place is called by the holy term – Purgatory. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, Purgatory is the place where the dead … [Read More…]

New Orleans – A Perfect Zone For Family Vacation

Things To Do On A Family Vacation In New Orleans New Orleans can be a family vacation hot spot if you know where to go and what to do. There are a lot of things to do there that can be very interesting and entertaining for both adults and kids. The key to having a … [Read More…]

Famous Poems – The Valuable Resources For Enriching Humans’ Souls

Five Easy Steps to Reading A Famous Poem An Article by Gray Ward | Word Count: 500 | Views: 3814 Famous poems are everywhere. They appear in places no one could expect – slogans on television, common sayings and phrases, and the titles of just about every artistic film or endeavor at the local video … [Read More…]

What my reader can expect on our sub-part SCHOOL

What about SCHOOL School is the sixth sub-part of my Category “EDUCATION & SCHOOL”. To my dear readers, I would like to explain concisely what the word School means and what I now and in the future will explore under this sub-part School of “EDUCATION & SCHOOL” Category. Definition of School School is an educational … [Read More…]

What my reader can expect on our sub-part LESSON PLAN

What about LESSON PLAN Lesson Plan is the fifth sub-part of my Category “EDUCATION & SCHOOL”. To my dear readers, I would like to explain briefly what the words Lesson Plan mean and what I now and in the future will evaluate under this sub-part Lesson Plan of “EDUCATION & SCHOOL” Category. Definition of Lesson … [Read More…]