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What my readers can expect on my Sub-part FAMOUS PEOPLE

What about FAMOUS PEOPLE Famous People is the third sub-part of my Category “HISTORY”. To my dear readers, I would like to explain in short what the words Famous People mean and what I now and in the future will evaluate under this sub-part Famous People of “HISTORY” Category. Definition of Famous People Famous people … [Read More…]

A Glimpse Of Graffiti – An Art On Streets

Graffiti- history and present Mar 06, 2011 Wikipedia characterizes gaffiti as the name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property. Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. In the past we could see graffiti … [Read More…]

What my readers can expect on our sub-part EUROPEAN HISTORY

What about EUROPEAN HISTORY European History is the fifth sub-part of my Category “HISTORY”. To my dear readers, I would like to explain briefly what the words European History mean and what I now and in the future will examine under this sub-part European History of “HISTORY” Category. Definition of European History The History of … [Read More…]

France – The Country With The Dramatic History

European History: The Early Days of France Feb 22, 2012 Of all the countries in Europe, France has one of the longest, most dramatic histories. The French country of today is very different from long ago. If you were to be dropped into France many years ago you would not recognize it. Sure, the mountains … [Read More…]

Vietnam Holiday Tours For The Singles

Vietnam Holiday Tours For The Singles

Touring alone is a fun and educational experience in itself. The most practical effect is you can find the “YOU” in yourself. Some holiday tours for the singles helpfully empower you to travel solo and strengthen the life. It is a way of self-discovery and also a chance to find new friends. Whether the singles … [Read More…]

Advantages Of History Questions And Answers Online

Advantages Of History Questions And Answers Online

All of the history fanciers find it great to spend time taking the online quizzes featuring various history-based questions. The immense online presence of History Questions and Answers has helped many kids and adults to improve their historical knowledge in the better manner. Of course, there are some aspects of history that remain unknown. Anyhow, … [Read More…]

Revealing Glimpse Of Korean War – Start And End

Montage of images from the Korean War (Wikimedia Commons)

Historically, Korean War got started on June 25th, 1950 and stretched 3 years till the Armistice was committed openly on July 27th, 1953. Like any other war in human’s history, this War caused up to 3 million deaths and the massive devastation of property. In reference to the war’s reasons, they are rooted deeply from … [Read More…]

Going Back In Time With The Knowledge Of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations Dec 28, 2011 Inca Civilization Capital of the Pre-Inca Civilization was Tiahuanaco. Inca Civilization was an aboriginal American Indian culture. There is a pre-Incan legend that speaks of Viracocha – good god and the warrior. We see him as god in the white robes who brings knowledge and the warrior god with staves … [Read More…]

Explore South Africa’s Charm Via Air Charter

Charter Helicopter to explore the charm of South Africa

South Africa is the extraordinarily large and diverse land offering the boundless chances for adventurous activities of all sorts. Thankfully, choose the most favorable leisure activity to indulge into. When searching things to do in South Africa, you will end up with the huge number of results in pages. Thus, before flying to the rich … [Read More…]

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism occupy 8% of the world’s jobs and have the highest potential for growth of any industry, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. International travel alone holds more than 840 million tourists annually. The economic, environmental, and social effects of tourism are vital to creating sustainable jobs and quality of life. … [Read More…]